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About Co-eLearning languages

Posted by Marie-Lise Grare

So far, two co-eLearning projects have been developed: e-Legal and Fiable (Français international des affaires and business English).

The first e-Legal co-project started at the Faculté Libre de Droit in 2002 in collaboration with the London School of Economics.

2002-2008: e-Legal started with a group of law students at the London School of Economics (LSE) paired up with Law students of the Faculté Libre de Droit (FLD) The Internet exchanges were conducted first on WEBCT and then on

2004-present second e-Legal co-project implemented with a group of law students at Queen Mary University London (QMUL). The Internet exchanges have been conducted on the Institut Catholique de Lille (ICL) forum

2005-2008 third e-Legal co-project with a group of law and business students at Queensland University of Technology on the QUT Blackboard forum.

2006 first launch of the Fiable co-project (Français International des Affaires and Legal and Business English)with QUT business students.

2007 e-Legal co-project with law students at King's College London, conducted on the LSE moodlesite.

2008 Fiable co-project with a group of students in Business French at the University of Manchester, conducted on the ICL forum.

2008-09 e-Legal co-project with a group of 13 law students at University College London (UCL) has been implemented on The co-project had first started on the ICL forum.

2009-10 a group of 15 Arts and Law students at the university of Queensland and 16 FLD students conducted their e-Legal exchanges on

2010- 11 three e-Legal co-projects: FLD/UCL, FLD/QMUL and FLD/University of Surrey. One Fiable co-project in collaboration with the University of Queensland.

2011-12 four e-Legal co-projects between FLD and QMUL, UCL, University of Westminster and the University of Queensland.

2012-13 three e-Legal co-projects again, with the same partner universities and one FIABLE co-project with the University of Queensland.

2013-14  e-Legal co-projects have been renewed.

2014-15 e-collaborations with UCL, QMUL and University of Westminster have been renewed.

2015 - 2018 e-Legal collaborations with UCL and QMUL have been renewed. With the University of Westminster, our bilingual e-collaboration has evolved into a multilingual e-collaboration on the University of Westminster digital platform.