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Lille / UQ

Posted by Ben Tapscott

The co-projects between The Catholic University of Lille and The University of Queensland in Brisbane alternate between two types: The first is based on the FIABLE premise (Français international des affaires and business English), and the second is e-Legal, which uses case studies and focuses on the Project Based Learning approach.

The FIABLE co-project enables students to go through the process of setting up a joint venture, through the use of wimba classroom and blackboard, hosted on the UQ website.

The detailed calendar for the co-project from the 2010-11 academic year can be downloaded here.

After the students collaborated together for several sessions in French and English, they had to give a final group presentation in synch with Australia.

Here is an image of the presentations taking place:


The other type of co-project is e-legal, whichi is the type of project we had in 2011-12. As previously stated it is based on the Project Based Learning approach, more details of which can be found in Further Information on the left hand menu.

Co-projects use Adobe Connect which is professional web-conferencing software. The e-Legal co- project was run successfully in 2011/12 and the FIABLE co-project in 2012/13.